Q & A

Where / How do I get the tickets?

RRS Tickets will be received by email to be printed at home. The tickets are registered and numbered and can only be used once.
All other materials including Souvenier Tickets, DVDs, T-Shirts etc. are shipped by GLS.

Can the tickets be used by somebody else, although my name is on them?

Each ticket is only valid with the ID/passport of the person owning the ticket. If you would like to transfer the ticket to a third party, you must show it at the entrance along with a photocopy of the original ticket holder’s ID/passport.

Can I order on the day of the festival?

As long as the event is still listed online, tickets may be ordered. Short notice orders will result in the tickets being available at the festival box offices. You’re going to get a confirmation of this in your confirmation email.

When will the charge appear on my bank account?

Unless stated otherwise, the amount will be charged 1-2 work days after your order has been received. This will also be the case when ordering on the day of the festival. Your tickets will be received in every case, regardless of when the order is charged.

What happens should my account have insufficient funds or if I incorrectly enter the account information?

Then the bank charges us in between 2 and 9 Euro transaction reversal fee. Unfortunately, this charge will be forwarded to you. You’ll receive a written notice with the total amount due.
However, your original order will remain active in our system, so please don’t order anew!
It’s kind of a hassle, so please carefully enter your information and be sure of adequate funds.

Was my order successful?

After completing your order you will receive a pop up notification „Die Bestellung war erfolgreich!“ („The order was successful“)

Is there a deadline for ticket pick up on the day of the event?

No, in fact you can pick them up 5 minutes before the end of the show, if you want to. They’re entirely at your disposal.
Can I be 100% sure of this service working? I’m travelling long distance after all.
Of course! We have successfully used the preorder system for years and have ironed out all the wrinkles. If there should be any problems, we can contact you through the contact information you provided. Once you have ordered tickets, your festivall entree is guaranteed.

Can I reverse my order once completed?

No, unfortunately that is not possible. Once you completed the order by clicking „Bestellung absenden“ („complete order“) there’s a notification „Achtung! Die Bestellung ist verbindlich und kann nicht storniert werden!“ („Attention! The order is binding and cannot be reversed“). We can’t do it any differently, the administration costs would be too high.

Is it possible to exchange a T-Shirt?

Check out the AGB to see if it is. Return charges when exercising the right of withdrawal remain your responsibility when the order is below 40 Euro.

What happens if an event is cancelled?

No worries. You immediately receive your money back, including the service fee. In this case, we also pay the surcharge, which is unfortunately not the case with most third party ticket agencies.

How can I reach the ticket service?

Because of our work load preparing the festival, please contact by email: ticketservice@reggaesummer.com.