Protection of Minors

Youth and children are allowed to visit the festival with their parents. 

For those youths age 16+ who would prefer to leave the parents back home, there is now the possibility of attending the festival accompanied by a legal guardian.  For these underage guests, we are now offering a special Ruhr Reggae Summer U18 ticket!

Recently the German laws regarding underage supervision have been adjusted, allowing for adults other than the parents to provide the necessary legal supervision.

The requirements are as follows:

  • The guardian is required to be of legal age themselves (18+).
  • The guardian must accompany and provide supervision of the minor at all times during their festival stay.
  • Minors absolutely may not consume or possess any drugs or alcohol.
  • Each and every underage guest requires a legal guardian.
  • The guardian assumes full responsibility and legal liability for the underage guest, in compliance with german laws regarding the protection of minors.

Please bring ALL of the following:

  • A written explanation from both the parent(s) of the minor, AND the chaperone themselves.
  • Two copies of each are required – U18 RRS Form DO 2019  (Please note, the file contains 2 copies – please only print once!)
  • Photocopy of the parent’s passport/ID card
  • Photocopy of the guardian’s passport/ID card
  • Proper ID for the underaged minor
  • Proper ID for the guardian
  • One U18 ticket for said minor, AND one regular festival ticket for the chaperone

Failure to comply with any of these requirements will result in the minor’s non-admittance.

We would like to wish you a wonderful time at the Ruhr Reggae Summer!

Your RRS Youth Service Team