Ruhr Reggae Summer Dortmund. Mash It Up.
Revierpark Wischlingen, Germany




The “Revierpark Wischlingen” is centrally located in Dortmund.  Realized as a leisure and activity park for the hard-working citizens of the Ruhr, the various areas form a unique and harmonious experience in the heart of the city. A good location for a festival, the ideal location for Ruhr Reggae Summer Dortmund: Mash It Up.


Reggae, Dancehall and a wide range for all tastes: That is the RRS main stage – no limits. We do stacks, light shows and stages for real. Anyone who knows RRS Mülheim knows we’re not shy about bringing the bass. We cover all the details, look who fits and who doesn’t. Ultimately the best fit is the vibe, ’cause it’s what makes a festival Reggae. Stay tuned.


RRS Dortmund doesn’t have a dancehall tent, there’s a 2000 m2 Dancehall Arena on two levels. What is normally an ice rink by day, the best national and international soundsystems will turn into a caribbean hothouse. During the day, the arena can be used for lounging or whatever comes to mind.


Music is always going to be the main draw, but a good festival is a lot more than just what’s onstage.  Here at RRS Dortmund, there’s plenty of fun to be had, music and otherwise.  Rent a boat and take off on the park’s recreational lake, explore the shores of a secluded peninsula, or stay dry and bust out those vaunted mini-golf moves.   And don’t forget to check out the park’s spa & swimming pool that will give festival goers the opportunity to detox and relax after an exhausting night in the arena. Dip into a natural saltwater pool (heated & indoor-outdoor!), train for your 200m relays, or hit the sauna & sweat out the toxins to re-energize- all under one roof!